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There are many activities from Bakkevik Brygge.

On hot summer days are several beaches out from Bakkevik Brygge. Grotlesanden and Vetvika are the best!

Right off the ground bay is fishing grounds in a row. Please contact us first, we know where they are.

Across Bremangerlandet are many scenic hiking trails. We've picked out our favorites.


Fish There are many opportunities right outside Bakkevik Brygge. Please talk to us before you head out for tips on the best fishing banks. Bakkevik Brygge can also rent various fishing equipment and crab pots. Since the selection is limited, it is important to be quick to order.


There are many activities from Bakkevik Brygge. For example, to Holehornet, located 250 meters above sea level. Up there you have a fantastic view over the whole Bremangerlandet and the ocean. The hike up takes about one hour at a leisurely walk and suitable for everyone.

For the slightly above average trained walkers will probably Hornelen be unforgettable. At the top you will find yourself in Northern Europe's highest sea cliff overlooking the vast areas. If you dare, you can see over the edge. There it is down nearly 1,000 meters!


If you like to ride there are countless possibilities. Kalvåg is just 30 minutes away and if the sun shines you're sure to enjoy the Grotlesanden, about one hour's ride from Bakkevik Brygge. If you rent one of our motorboats will spend about 15 minutes to both Kalvåg and Grotlesanden. Vetvika is also worth a wander. The beach will probably many say is the top class when it comes to natural gender in our latitudes.


On hot summer days are several swimming out from Bakkevik Brygge. You can either be "home" on Bakkevik for sun and swimming, but we recommend a trip to one of the "Caribbean" beaches Grotlesanden or Vetvika. One of the most beautiful beaches in Norway!

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